This Thursday will see the very best of local Hip-Hop make an unusual, but not unwelcome, visit to Brighton’s Pav Tav with live sets from Adventures Of…, Elijah MC, Tricky Micky, and Kalestix.

Adventures Of are Koopa Nut and Bernard James and with their electro-heavy sound and cheeky cartoon rhymes they bring a not entirely new but certainly underused vibe to the hip-hop genre. Coming down to The Pav Tav from London the duo will bring unmissable chemistry and incredible beats to the stage.

A unique talent Elijah MC is more than just a beat boxer. Creating dubwise tracks, inspired by similar artists like Dub FX, Elliott Locke builds his tracks from the ground up creating exciting new spins on existing and original material just by using his voice.

A welcome return to the venue Tricky Micky has twice supported Example and collaborated on several songs with Big Brovas creator, Mr Skills. Described by NME Magazine as “a rhymer of wit and skill”, he is not to be missed.

Legends in their own minds Kalestix are Evol, whose words cut so deep they leave a mark on the Aortic Valve, Cyril Le Bop, whose masterful and effortlessly crafted rhymes flow like beer behind the bar, and Kai, whose cocky rhymes and crooning choruses soar between the verses like a screamed curse on the air, and for the first time they are descending on The Pav Tav a day ahead of their (probably) triumphant set at the Cravin Tunez Battle of The Bands 2011 (also at The Pav Tav).

Not to be missed. Bring your friends.

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