GIG REVIEW: Live Music @ The Pav Tav, September 29th


The last week has been a worrying one. With thick blankets of mist creeping through the lands of East Sussex, its evils pulling victims kicking and screaming into the white nothingness within, all signs have been pointing to one thing; WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!

As Daily Mail readers retreat into their homes, hiding from the horror of a potential Indian summer (coming into our country, stealing our winter) and blaming the whole thing on the government, the rational, more intelligent ones among us are looking to music to shelter us during these trying times. Last Thursday a group of people took to The Pav Tav to watch Slugger, State Your Name, Tricky Micky, and Rosales entertain them through this apocalyptic nightmare.

Bringing the night to a start were last minute replacements Slugger who, with a couple of “dancing” friends, didn’t disappoint for a moment. Though vocally quite hard to hear at times the music, with its frequent build up, powerful drumming, and distinctive sound, had a robust edge that was brought to life by solos that wrapped around it. I may sound like a broken record for saying this yet again but Slugger, for the most part, lacked movement. If they had taken advantage of the space on the floor in front of the stage they could have sent a member down there with the sadly meagre crowd. Doing so would have added a touch of excitement to what was an otherwise almost impeccable opening performance.

Getting off to a rather ropey start State Your Name, who had two members armed with Flat Caps, had their performance delayed due to a broken guitar. Luckily after a while, and thanks to the kindness of a member of another band, they soon managed to get hold of a replacement guitar and launched into what turned out to be a really good set. For me the highlight of that set was a cover of Lionel Ritchie’s Hello. State Your Name completely reinvented the song, their rock edge turned into something a lot better, and I would love to hear it again.

Tricky Micky, despite the original expectations of the narrow minded, turned out to be a quality rapper with clever hooks that didn’t just sit back and keep rhyming one syllable, nah. Playing to a crowd that had turned out for a rock show the Brighton MC was at a massive disadvantage, but as people left the room before his eyes his resilience didn’t falter and he carried on. With a gift for ruling the crowd that was obvious despite the small crowd, and a sound that fits into many urban genres, Tricky Micky would be perfect as a club performer; the crowd would lap it up.

A lot of people complain that Hip Hop artists take away beats from other genres and use them to make what is at times quite a juvenile song like “My Humps” by The Black Eyed Peas become popular. Tricky Micky uses other people’s beats, but instead of just taking, he gives something back too; his cover of “American Boy” which he entitled “English Boy” was very clever, and his reinvented version style stuck to the original beat well.

Though Tricky Micky’s performance carried a karaoke vibe at times he did extremely well for someone playing to an audience that were, sadly, not that interested. I can’t wait to see him play at The Pav Tav’s hip hop night in November.

Last up on stage were Rosales. As they began a sense of relief fell over me as I realised that I was finally seeing a band take advantage of their ability to move around as they play. Though they weren’t that active their doing so added to their sound well.

Rosales played what was obvious old school indie rock inspired by more modern bands like The Libertines that also absorbed elements from bands decades old. With vocals that made them stand out and a musical style that combined the simplistic with the complicated perfectly they were band that more than deserve my recommendation.

Next week at The Pav Tav is Fathoms, From Afar, Thekidisfireworks, and Protect Ya Neck.

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