When Dappy’s new single “No Regrets” finally broke at midnight on September 19th I jumped on it like a hand grenade.

At first glance there’s certainly things wrong with the track; it features Dappy’s trademark “nana nana na”, some of the celebrity name dropping is a little cliché, and, well, it’s Dappy. Yet when you let the song play and actually listen to it something becomes violently apparent; it’s passionate, it’s powerful, and it’s very, very good.

The guy has his faults, it would be pointless to list them, but what the song is is an admission of them, and proof that beneath the hat there’s a brain.

Completely moving away from N-Dubz won’t be easy for the kid from Camden, and it’s going to take a lot for people to start taking him seriously, but work like this proves that there’s a more mature side to his song writing, and hopefully this will get him the credit he clearly deserves.

Verdict; one of my favourite songs of 2011.

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