Live Preview: Live Music at The Pav Tav September 22nd


As we near the end of September the younger ones among us (writing that makes me want to weep) are beginning to fly the nest to go off to university.

What better way to prepare them for three years of drink and debauchery, with a little studying thrown in, than a live gig featuring cheap drinks and four great bands; Fly In Fly Out, Emergency Call, Dirty Leaves, and Half Crown.

Fly In Fly Out are a three-piece band from the Brighton and Worthing area whose sound, though primarily alt-rock, is fused with elements of prog-rock, post-rock, grunge, and space-rock (!).

Emergency Call are a mixture of rock, grunge, and post-grunge. Their mixed sound makes them a commanding presence on stage and a band not to be missed.

Dirty Leaves are influenced by the savage guitar playing of guys like Josh Homme and Dave Grohl. They have a strong rock core impregnated by an unmistakable punk sound, unrelenting riffs, and basslines you can feel deep inside you.

Half Crown have a new and refreshing funk sound that you won’t find anywhere else, influenced by bands and artists like Jimi Hendrix, Blur, The Kinks, and Jamariqui, their music is full of diverse elements that make it unique.

September 29th will feature State Your Name, Caboose, Rosales, and Odd Red War Scars.

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