Single Review: Pixie Lott- All About Tonight


As someone who has completely overlooked Pixie Lott to such an extent that to me she became the same person as Taylor Swift I had to study her back catalogue just to give myself a chance at fairly reviewing this the lead single from her as yet untitled second album.

Listening to Pixie it became clear that her and Taylor weren’t the same person, and the idea of a hybrid of the two is nothing but a pervert’s wet dream. I’ll admit quite happily to liking Taylor Swift, her song “You Belong To Me” is a guilty pleasure of mine, but in my opinion Miss Lott is nothing but easily digestible pop.

At one point or another Pixie Lott’s voice was commended as being distinctive to such a degree that it made her stand out. It would appear that whatever it was about her vocals that made people think that has disappeared; instead replaced by something bleak and soulless.

The sounds of “All About Tonight” are diverse, making the song catchy and easy to enjoy, but the lyrics they accompany are nothing but shallow, pretty words in an agreeable order. Pixie obviously released this song as a way of opening herself up and becoming more liberal, unfortunately it doesn’t come across that way, instead it suggests, to met at least, that to get somewhere a woman must flaunt her God-given talents and flaunt them. We all know that isn’t true, and too many “artists” are putting across that message for Pixie Lott to need to jump on the bandwagon.

Verdict; make like a pixie, and fly away.

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