Live Review: Rise To Remain


Entering the venue room at The Hydrant was like walking into a hot, sweaty tomb, and without a single note of music playing to entertain the waiting crowd it may as well have been.

Of course just as always seems to happen to me lately on writing that last sentence the music was switched on and The Hydrant became exactly what it’s meant to be; a loud, grimy rock club.

Just starting off on a gruelling nineteen date tour metal band Rise To Remain, featuring the son of Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickenson, stopped off at The Hydrant with The Dead Wretched, The Safety Fire, and Bleed From Within.

As the front man of The Dead Wretched shouted, screeched, and screamed at the audience the only part of me that moved was the drink in my hand, rippling with the drum beat. Creating a mosh pit may have done them some favour, but with every song sounding more or less the same the explosive end of the equally explosive set couldn’t have come too soon.

With a vocalist that was at times impossible to hear, The Safety Fire often became background noise, forever seeming like they were warming up for something. Not quite as energetic as their predecessors The Dead Wretched they showed a lot more potential for growth; the use of melodic harmonies, more diverse guitar playing, and movement would have served them well. As their set progressed I enjoyed them more; their use of solos and reverbing guitar kept them interesting, and the quite haunting sounded that crept along with them meant they packed a decent punch.

Starting with their backs to the crowd, Bleed From Within leapt into their set with a flash of strobe lights and the spark of an epic mosh pit. The vocalist, who is as versed in the art of crowd control as he is in inane screaming, commanded the crowd and dragged them screaming through the most energetic set so far. With a sound that seemed to merge into one very long song they basked in the lights that covered them, and ruled the crowd.

The past couple of hours had been a strain for me, and with bands I didn’t enjoy, suffocating heat, and sweaty people all around me I was looking forward to the headlining (and final) set by Rise To Remain, but at the same time I was dreading that it would be the same as what had come before. It wasn’t. As soon as Rise To Remain began to play their superiority on all levels became clear. From the start they controlled the crowd, forcing them to shout and scream with them as they put on a performance that oozed confidence.

In my opinion, bands that shout all the way through the set waste the audience’s time (though there are exceptions), but like a lot of bands I personally enjoy Rise To Remain mixed their screams with melodic vocals and harmonies that made for an enjoyable, atmospheric sound. With blistering solos, and catchy lyrics the band put on a great set, and despite being exhausted I enjoyed every second.

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