Live Review: Live Music Pav Tav September 1st


For my first time back reviewing gigs at The Pav Tav I and the audience were treated to what turned out to be a superb line-up of bands; In Remembrance a four piece hardcore band from Brighton, Snow Glass Jack a Brighton rock band, alternative rock band Blue Stragglers, and Arkland an alternative rock band.

In Remembrance bled energy from the very first note with head banging, screaming, and call to arms style drumming. The vocalist commanded the sadly very small crowd with ease as he shouted and screamed through the set. Clearly influenced by bands like Hatebreed, Enter Shikari, and Gallows In Remembrance spent as much time in the crowd as they did on stage, unfortunately their audience was a small one and they didn’t have a lot to work with. With a bigger crowd this band would have been absolutely amazing, without them a lot of energy was sadly wasted. I can’t wait to see them again.

Next up on stage were Snow Glass Jack. This band looked and sounded great, with a vocalist that reminded me of a toned down version of cock rock and managed to work on various vocal levels they were a cut above a lot of bands in the area. Unfortunately, though they had an obvious rapport with each other, there wasn’t much movement or crowd interaction from any band members besides the vocalist which deprived the audience of a show to go with the great music. I think that if this band learns to use stage more and write more awesome songs like “Wicked Witch Of The South” they would definitely be a band to watch.

With funky, almost haunting vocals clearly inspired by Kings Of Leon front man Caleb Followill Blue Stragglers saw the crowd increase in size the moment they stepped on stage. The audience were treated to some great basslines, drumming that seemed to have come straight out of thrash metal, and guitars that flirted perfectly with one another. With a decent amount of screaming interwoven within it the vocals and drums worked with the guitars in a near perfect way. My one gripe with the band was the vocal style itself; as I mentioned before they reminded me of Kings Of Leon and in my opinion that isn’t a good thing. After a while I found the vocals began to drag, but on the whole I enjoyed Blue Stragglers.

For most of the evening, though forgivable due to the small crowd size, no band made much of an attempt to bring in the crowd and get them moving; that was until Arkland began their set. At first the band, though this was only really apparent with the vocalist, were obviously suffering from nerves. This affected their performance, but once they found their feet they proved themselves to be the best band of the night. The vocals, which improved as the set progressed, were complimented by excellent lyrics and some of the performance flourishes made by the vocalist himself that really breathed life into the set; to a degree I was reminded of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. Musically Arkland were the most advanced band of the night; their riffs, solos, and drumlins made them a treat to hear as well as watch.

Next week’s line-up is Chemical Smile, Prowess and Black Market Ratio.

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