Single Review: Taking Back Sunday- You Got Me


When you have a band responsible for such songs as “Cute Without The E” and “Timberwolves At New Jersey” it’s difficult to move with the times without having your new stuff compared or simply brushed aside because it isn’t as good. Taking Back Sunday know how to write a classic, but unfortunately a lot of their music is largely forgettable, and this song is no exception.

The new single “You Got Me” is a brave effort by the band to create another classic famous for its sing-along choruses. While it doesn’t completely fail it is certainly not a song that will stand the test of time, and isn’t anything particularly new either. Most of this song is nothing special and a lot of it is a waste of time. If you’ve been expecting something amazing you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Verdict? Taking Back Sunday you are so last summer.

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