Single Review: Panic! At The Disco- Let’s Kill Tonight


Panic! At The Disco used to be just as theatrical as their name, but when the exclamation mark disappeared a lot of what made them exciting went with it and they suffered for it. The new single from the album  Vices and Virtues isn’t that exciting, and with the previously missing piece of punctuation having been returned a while ago it’s obvious that doing so didn’t give the band back their zing. Nevertheless this song is pretty enjoyable.

The new single ‘Let’s Kill Tonight’ has a distinct Halloween-like vibe with synths that would have been right at home on the soundtrack of The Munsters or The Adams family. This sound, along with its driving drums and orchestral lines, gives the band back a little of their excitement and although it doesn’t show the band as being back to greatness it will hopefully be responsible for the revival of some of their lost fan base.

Verdict? Panic! At The Disco write sins, but not exciting songs.

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