Single Review: Katy B- Witches’ Brew


With my hatred toward the musical atrocity that is dub step bubbling up more and more with each passing day it seems only logical that I should hate “Witches Brew” the new single by Peckham local and queen of the genre Katy B. Sadly I don’t, and I wanted to.

Despite it being one of the most repetitive, seemingly never-ending songs that I have heard in a while and despite its sinister main beat seeming like it was lifted out of numerous other songs it’s hard to completely dislike this song.

“Witches Brew” is instantly interesting and a real foot tapper with a bouncy multi-scaled electronic sound and accessible vocals. The song, keeping in line with its title, has a sinister yet sexy quality, but it suffers due to its lack of natural flow and large degree of repetition.

Verdict? Katy tries to put you under her spell, and nearly succeeds.

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