Single Review: Ed Sheeran- You Need Me, I Don’t Need You


To many the idea of a white ginger guy releasing a single with him rapping on it may seem like a work of most unbelievable comic fiction, but the new single “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” by Ed Sheeran proves that with enough talent, drive, and passion anything is possible.

The song, within which Sheeran raps about his rise to fame and the pitfalls that came with it, features some hugely impressive song writing and punch lines so intelligent that they would even have the likes of Eminem salivating. At times the song is quite repetitive; the chorus waters down the flavour of the song and takes up space that should have been filled up by more epic lines. Luckily the single is a different, much improved piece of music to the even more repetitive song that was previously floating around.

Ed Sheeran displays his ambition; he remembers that his talent got him where he is, but he stays humble and remembers where he came from. This single makes a bold statement and since the last single was acoustic it shows him to be an extremely versatile performer. Let’s just hope that the diverse style doesn’t turn against him and divide his fan base in two.

Verdict; he might not need us, but i think we’ll be needing him.

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