Single Reviews: Fountains of Wayne- Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart


With the recent emergence of nude photos of Will’s mum from The Inbetweeners many young men in the UK got what they had been yearning for and finally got to live out the fantasy of seeing their friend’s mum naked. Sort of. A few years ago a band called Fountains Of Wayne won us over with a song about just that. It was called “Stacy’s Mum” and in it vocalist Chris Collingwood sung all about the ball aching feeling he got when he saw Stacy’s mum. As the years went by most of us forgot about the band, but with the recent release of their album “Sky Full Of Holes” I couldn’t resist giving the new single “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart” a listen.

Instantly catchy and likeable the song begins with a killer first line; “Staring at the sun with no pants on”. It isn’t big and it isn’t clever but this song is exactly what it needs to be; simple and a little bit funny. Though repetitive and somewhat lazy at times (especially the lyrical pattern) the song has some nice guitar parts and the slow section is particularly pretty. It isn’t a classic like the song we all remember them for, but it might just remind people that there are other songs in their back catalogue. Verdict? Stacy’s mum might be passed it, but Fountains Of Wayne have got it going on.


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