Single Review: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds- The Death of You And Me


The Gallagher brothers might be firing pram-based artillery strikes at each other on a daily basis, but musically they are very well matched. With the Oasis split came a musical parting of ways that brought us Liam’s Beady Eye and Noel’s very own side project, but it would seem Noel is ahead of his brother at this point. Beady eye reeks of Oasis, but this new single is absolute proof that despite being at the band’s helm for nearly two decades the sound hasn’t stuck like glue. Liam may be the nicer guy(though saying that is the same as suggesting stepping in chewing gum is better than stepping in dog’s mess) but the band, made up of the Oasis line-up, doesn’t seem to have moved on, Noel has. This is an excellent song, and a refreshing change.

Verdict? Noel one- Liam nil.

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