Preview: Alzheimer’s Society Charity Gig


Those of you that know me will be more than aware of my fondness for somewhat questionable humour, but most of you won’t know that despite all the jokes, diseases like Alzheimer’s have a very raw place in my mind.

With a father beginning to show the signs, and a grandfather whose life was stolen by it, I am very much sympathetic to the plight of those that have to watch their love ones go through the turmoil every single day. I only hope that when my time comes, and I hope it doesn’t, there will be help and support available.

Whether it be as simple as forgetting a conversation or as obvious and as tragic as forgetting a loved one, dementia is, on so many levels, completely horrifying.

When I was asked by those organising this event to recommend artists I knew straight away that I wanted to do my part to make it successful; hopefully this preview will persuade a few of you to come along.

Taking place at The Gildridge on August 26th and starting at 8pm, the night will see local bands and artists like Kalestix, Adventures Of, Junkyard Choir, Monroe, Custard Gannet and Weezy J help to raise money on behalf of The Alzheimer’s Society.

Whether or not you are affected by the disease you should come along and show your support. With free entry and music ranging from rap to rock to blues, there’s something for everyone.

Alzheimer’s Society (registered charity number 296645) is a British charity that focuses on sufferers of dementia and those that care for them.

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