Interview: Harold Bedwei


A Fantastic singer, songwriter, and rapper from London, Harold Bedwei is influenced by genres across the board like soul, RnB, rock, funk, and dance. At just 20 years old this young man has a lot to be proud of; he’s a remarkable talent, and to mark his recent signing with Unique Artists we gave him a ring…

Tell us about yourself and your music.

I’ve been doing music for about four or five years now and I’m currently in the studio writing and recording new material. There’s a lot coming this year; shooting my video next month and just constantly recording. I recently signed a record deal with Unique Artists which is an American label. The future looks promising.

You said you’ve been making music for a while now; what drives you?

I love music. Music gives me the drive. I’ve grown up listening to it and it’s just a massive part of who I am. There’s songs for every emotion and every feeling. I feel it’s a good way of expressing yourself and I just have a big passion for it. That’s what keeps me going; the love for it.

You just got signed; how did it feel?

It felt amazing. It felt like the hard work was finally starting to be recognised. You put so much work into something and for someone to come along and say they want to invest in you as person is amazing. Obviously I’m not deluded. I know that the hard work is only just beginning so I know I’ve got to step up my game and work harder now.

How were things before you got signed?

Before I got signed it was the same to be honest. I worked hard. I was getting out there getting recognition. Obviously having a corporation backing you makes it easier, but my job doesn’t change. It hasn’t affected me mentally in that respect. All I know is that I need to keep doing what I’m doing. It just feels good. It’s probably made me more confident knowing that people believe in me.

Do you have any plans to make an album?

We’re working in the studio on the album at the moment. Just trying to record as many songs as possible so that I’ve got a good range to choose from when it comes to putting the album together. We don’t want anything half heartedly done; I want to make great music.

How do you think things are going to be now that you’re signed?

As everybody knows music is a great thing and anybody can sing. However, it does help when you have funding and backing behind you. I’ll be able to be promoted more and things like that are what help you go a long way.

What advice would you give to any artists that want to get signed?

Along the way I’ve had so many aids and there’s so much out there to help musicians get recognised. The obvious ones are Soundcloud, Youtube, and Myspace. Putting your music online is a great advertisement and lets people hear you. One that’s come to my attention in the last five months or so is Audio Rokit which is a great avenue for musicians to have their stuff heard by A&R and those in labels that make decisions. That’s something I recommend everyone to sign up for; why wouldn’t you want to be able to submit music to labels directly? It cuts out the middle man and helps you be heard.

Why should our readers listen to your music?

If you like your songs to tell a great story yet at the same time provide you with catchy melodies and great entertainment then, if you haven’t already, check out my music. You won’t be disappointed.

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