Album Review: Samuel J


With the English summer changing moods more frequently than a particularly angsty teenager we sometimes need a bit of good music to chill in the turmoil.

The music of Samuel J, like that of other similar artists, is multifunctionary; as a hugely talented singer songwriter, playing keys, drums, and guitar, his music can do whatever you want it to, whether that be to help you relax in the “sun” or not.

Now based in Brighton Samuel J’s music is being very well received both inside the area and all over the UK. This year he has had the opportunity to perform at various well-known festivals and venues like The Greenman, The Big Chill, and Secret Garden. He current has a monthly residency at The Bees mouth and The Basement.

Samuel J’s music leaves an impression; both in your ears and in your heart. Some of the songs are quite long, but that’s a good thing; you hear them long after the disc has stopped turning.

Originally published in the August issue of BN1 magazine.


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