Info Piece: Audio Rokit


In a country like this one with a thriving music scene it can sometimes seem like everywhere you look there’s a band or an artist looking to be signed. With so many people wanting to be noticed it can be really difficult to get anywhere at all when it seems like everyone else is talking at the same time. This disillusions artists and many disappear without a trace every single day. With such an extinction of talent going on its hard not to think that bands actually getting their music heard is an impossibility. It isn’t, and help is at hand.

Audio Rokit, which was launched in December 2010, aims to help musicians bridge the gap between themselves and the industry, as well as save them time by making it easier for musicians to submit their material to music companies. The pitching site features listings from 100s of organisations including major record labels, management, and music festivals such as Safe Management (who managed the Spice Girls), Casket Records, BMG Chrysalis, and Hi Tone Records.

Darren Monson and Dave Spinolli, who run Audio Rokit, spend eight hours a day liaising with music companies and industry reps. Their job is to do all the leg work for their members so that they can concentrate on making music while being assured that they are in safe and capable hands. They work hard developing relationships so that they can ensure their members receive only the most high quality leads.

Audio Rokit list hot new music opportunities on their website, and also make the process of submitting music an easy one; members can submit music directly to any music company listed with just a single click. They also help to make life easier for the music companies themselves by offering several functions like Chorus Blast, which allows a user to hear a brief snippet of a song so they can quickly make a decision on it, and status folders that allow them to easily manage applicants as they view them.

Several artists have already benefited from this superb service; “DoG headed SpiRITs” found their new manager, “Strikos” found a manager that is now pushing his music, and Harold Bedwei was recently signed. All of these artists received their success because of Audio Rokit.

“Audio Rokit has a mission. That mission is to make life much, much easier for both industry A&R and musicians”.

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