Profile: Jamie Woon


Having trained at the BRIT school and been ranked fourth, putting him just below Jessie J, James Blake, and The Vaccines, and a spot above Clare Maguire, in the BBCs Sound of 2011 poll singer/songwriter Jamie Woon’s abilities are hard to dispute.

The 28 year old grabbed attention back in 2007 with his superb reinvention of the classic folk song Wayfaring Stranger. Since then his rise to fame has been one with a rather gentle incline, but he’s caught the attention of several well respect critics along the way.

Constantly compared to James Blake, Woon has been lovingly embraced by movers and shakers in Dubstep circles ever since he caught their attention with Burial’s remix of his debut single. Jamie has stated in interviews that it’s difficult to shake his Dubstep label; they just can’t get enough of his soulful voice and the atmospheric beats that surround it. Woon himself describes his music as having R&B at its core and claims that the genre has greatly inspired him since the mid-90s.

The recognition now being received by this singer is well deserved. His album Mirrorwriting, released April 18th 2011, reached number 15 in the album charts and has been praised for its beauty by music magazines across the country. The album has its failings, occasionally trying in vain to use Dubstep to awaken sleepy songs, but on the whole has to be praised for its ambition.

With a definite 80s feel Shoulda the third single from Mirrorwriting is set to be released next month and is expected to join its predecessors within the top 100. The two previous singles, Night Air and Lady Luck, reached 67 and 76.

Jamie Woon’s gig is at our very own Concorde 2 and will see him joined by singer Jono McCleery who’s inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley and John Coltrane.

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