EP Review: New Sun Blues- Winter Trees


The first track of the new EP Winter Trees by Brighton band New Sun blues “I Did Warn You” begins like any good rock cd should; with a loud “yeahhhh!” and an awesome riff.

The good just gets better from there with catchy lyrics, riffs that make you wanna move, and sing along backing vocals. Every track is different from the last and the standout song “Butterflies” is the perfect accompaniment to this lush, Verdant land of England, and well, pretty much anything!

The rest is just as brilliant. “Your soul” has a cracking bass line and is in general a song you can lose yourself in. “Dazed” begins with its own “Yeahhhh!” to remind you that it isn’t quite over yet, and is a perfect track to play along to.

The title track “Winter Trees” sadly brings the EP to a finish with a mixture of chaos and serenity. One last powerful riff brings this remarkable piece to a close and leaves me with one piece of advice for the band; next time make it longer!

For fans of Biffy Clyro, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana.

Originally posted here: http://www.bn1magazine.co.uk/music/album-reviews/341-new-sun-blues-winter-trees


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