Profile: Vier


“Big riffs, lots of energy, a treat for the ears and for the eyes”. That’s how the girls from Brighton band Vier, vocalist Nicky, guitarists Charley and Emma, bassist Franky, and drummer Kayleigh jokingly describe themselves. They aren’t wrong. As an all girl metal band they can definitely rely on their looks to bring in the crowds, afterall who doesn’t want to watch five girls go wild on stage!

But that isn’t fair; Vier are a great band regardless of their looks or gender, and they are great musicians to boot; what I have heard is sensational.

The band met in Germany on April 4th 2004. The name seemed like fate and they’ve been playing together since 2007 with the final line-up being decided just last year.  Vier are all influenced by different bands and genres. With eclectic tastes they take inspiration from bands like Stone Sour,  Cancer Bats, Killswitch Engage, and Skindred giving them Deftones-esque vocals and a powerful instrumental section backed up by an 80s rock inspired drummer.  To put it simply they are riff based melodic metal. Vier are a new twist on the already well established genre; any predispositions and judgments need to be left at the door. “This is not your typical girl band”.

The vocalist Nicky is the band’s main lyricist; she bases her songs on a mixture of life experiences and fictional situations. Vier even has a song written from the perspective of Twin Peak’s very own Laura Palmer.

Vier are pure energy and anyone going along to one of their gigs should be prepared for a real show. They love crowd interaction and putting their all into what they do. “Nicky and Charley will always get up in people’s faces and get the crowd involved. It makes for a more entertaining show and we love doing it”. The band have played alongside groups like Orestea, Mask of Judas, Here Be Monsters, and Starseed at various venues all around the country.

So that’s Vier; an all girl metal band that are as great to listen to as they are to look at, but that isn’t the point. Nicky, Emma, Charley, Franky, and Kayleigh are more than just five pretty faces. They all make up one of the best bands I have encountered in a long time, and I would still happily pay a fortune to see them if they wore fat suits and masks with Gok Wan on them. Now that’s saying something.

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