Live Preview: Gazz Marlow


With so much going on as part of The Great Escape festival it’s so hard to decide what you should actually take the time to go and see. Well, you could do a lot worse than head along to The Pav Tav for a night of music with Gazz Marlow, Whitemare, and Fathoms.

You might know already know Gazz as the second guitarist of InMe, but he’s much more than that; his alternative acoustic style is nothing short of magical, and although he might not realise it, he is an extraordinary talent that has to be seen, or heard, to be believed.

Whitemare are a hardcore band featuring ex-members of Architects and Johnny Truant that sound a lot like domestic violence set to music. They’ve more energy than a power plant.

Fathoms say they “mix passionate melodic riffs with aggressive hardcore breakdowns and technical elements”. I’m not entirely sure what all that means but I’m intrigued, you should be too.

Entry is £2 but entry is free to TGE wristband holders. Drinks are cheap and there’s a club night afterwards. This gig won’t disappoint. Be there.

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