Info Pieces: Wakeboarding Comes To Hove Lagoon


There’s good news for water sports enthusiasts in Brighton and Hove this month; on April 9ththe south coast’s first ever System 2.0 cable wakeboarding park is opening on Hove Lagoon. The park will give people of all abilities and ages (eight and over) the chance to have a go at this fantastic sport that is both great fun, and amazing value for money.


Cable wakeboarding is a superfast extreme sport where riders are towed along at 20mph by a cable, performing jumps and doing tricks along the way. The System 2.0 is a two-towered straight-line wakeboard rig that for the past two years has reinvented the sport. The system is used across the country and consists of two anchored towers with a cable at opposite sides of a body of water with a cable strung between them. The carrier pulling the rope changes speed and direction allowing riders to turn more easily than they would be able to if they were being pulled by a boat. The system allows riders to enjoy a continuous ride without having to worry about being dunked in the water at the end of the course; this maximises time spent on the water.

All this may sound very complicated but it isn’t. Complete beginners can enjoy this sport, as well as those of increased experience; they just have to attend a short course to learn the basics beforehand. It only costs £50 for a two hour learn to wakeboard lesson that includes full tuition, wetsuits, impact vests, helmets, and the all-important board so there’s no need to worry about buying expensive equipment.

The system has been endorsed by professional athletes within the sport of wakeboarding as it gives them yet another tool to help them progress in their riding. Pros like Kevin Henshaw have even invented new tricks that wouldn’t be possible without it.

Anyone interested in having a go should call 01273 424842, or visit for more details.

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