Album Review: Times New Viking- Dancer Equire


Dancer Equire, the fourth album from Ohio 3 piece Times New Viking, is gentle, intimate, and easy to listen to despite how loud it is. It is perfect as background accompaniment to almost anything, and has been described by members of the band as their greatest achievement to date. Unfortunately Times New Viking are a lot like the font that they take two thirds of their name from; easy to get along with and inoffensive, but just as exciting. The first song of this album is a cacophony of voices, all of them coming from less than gifted singers that apparently can’t hold a note, wailing over the top of a track that sounds a lot like it was recorded in a mate’s bedroom with a Fisher Price microphone. Sadly that’s how things stay as the record goes on, things do pick up in the middle, but not for long. Read a book instead.

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