Interview: Morning Parade


Hyped as the next big thing by magazines across Blighty, Essex based 5-piece Morning Parade are due to set upon Brighton Pier later this month for the Skins House Party.  Since their formation in 2008 members Steve Sparrow (vocals/guitar) Chad Thomas (guitar) Phil Titus (bass) Ben Giddings (keys) and Andy Hayes (drums) have supported the likes of Ash, Feeder, and Florence and The Machine at shows across the country and made their well deserved mark on the UK music scene. Things are only looking up for the Harlow darlings and with a tour just about to get underway vocalist Steve Sparrow took time out from his busy schedule to have a chat with us.

You’re playing the Skins House Party on Brighton Pier later this month. What can you tell our less informed readers about that?

Steve Sparrow: E4 has a massive party for the TV series skins, and it’s a pretty cool party basically. You get a lot of up and coming artists that come in and play to help promote the series. We played last year at their party in Bristol (where the series is filmed) and it was really good so when they asked us to do it again it was pretty much a no brainer.

Are there any bands involved that you’re looking forward to playing with?

SP: In Bristol Bombay Bicycle Club are DJing which is really cool, and a band called Wilder have unfortunately had to pull out because they’re doing their album. In Brighton I think we’re playing with Beardyman so it should be good. Brighton’s always a great place to go out anyway.

So what do you think of Brighton in general, have you spent much time down here?

SP: A friend of mine went to uni down there so I’ve spent quite a lot of time there. Lots of fun doing the night life in the evening, and the lanes in the day. Good one for the girlfriends as well.

The Brighton area has an exploding music scene at the moment. Have you had a lot of time to experience it?

SP: One of my friends was in a band called Ramona who are really cool. A band called Make Good Your Escape were fantastic and kinda taught me a lot about how to be in a band and how to grow and get gigs out of town. Got a lot of love for the Brighton music scene especially the beach parties that Norman Cook used to do years ago. We’ve never played there as Morning Parade but we’ve definitely had some good nights there with friends. There are a few good bands that circulate from around that area.

Looking around the net it’s obvious that a lot of the press have taken pretty kindly to you, and that’s understandable in my opinion, but I did morning_parade_2come across a pretty scathing review on the guardian website. I don’t know if you came across it but it was written by a guy called Paul Lester and one of the things he said, and i quote, was that you sound like “Stereophonics remixed by Faithless”. Now personally that’s something I would love to hear, but what do you think of that as a description of you?

SP: I like Faithless and I like Stereophonics so if we ever got to collaborate that would be pretty big. The thing with critics is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you’re at the mercy of their tastes. It does bother me sometimes but you’ve just gotta grow a thick skin.

You’ve supported quite a few decent bands but we all have our dreams about who we would love to play with. So if you could go on tour with any band who would you pick?

SP: I know Glasvegas are bringing out a new album and I’d love to tour with Glasvegas because I think James is an amazing lyricist and I’d just love to pick his brains about it. Dream festival bill would be bringing Jeff Buckley back from the dead, get Faithless involved, get The Prodigy on, Thom Yorke, Radiohead, Queens of The Stone Age, Daft Punk, and just have a big jam together that would be awesome.

What are you looking forward to other than playing while you’re on tour?

SP: It’s the best time in the world to catch up on the music that you’ve missed out on. Day to day we spend 8 hours in our rehearsal studio so it’s nice to get a chance to listen to other music when we’re travelling.

What can people expect when they see you play?

SP: A lot of energy. A kind of massive widescreen sound and a lot of sweat. If you’re gonna come stand down the front bring an umbrella.

Your second single A&E is out next month, what’s it all about?

SP: It’s about when people kinda lose the plot and get to the point where reality and paranoia blend into one. It’s kinda about those situations when a couple can be together and see another couple and have a whole scenario play out in front of them. Like when you wake up from a dream where your partner’s cheated on you and you still hate them in the morning. It’s an old song for us and it’s been key to us spreading so we’re glad it’s got a chance to get out and have people hear it.

And with that we said goodbye to Morning Parade. We wish them luck with their shows on the tour and hope to see more of them very soon.

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