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When Eastbourne, Bognor, and Pulborough band The Meakins were searching for a name the honour, if that’s what you want to call it, fell upon the frontman Dom when the rest of the band decided to name it after him. Of course Dom was against the idea, but two votes beat one, and the rest is history. The Meakins are a fun band with a fun selection of songs; they have a bassist that always wears a hat, and a guitarist that secretly wants to sleep with aliens (before making them post-coitusly listen to their music; better than smoking i suppose).

The Meakins are made up of Dom on vocals/guitar, Rob on backing vocals/bass, and Matt on drums. The band all met at uni after Dom was recommended to them by friends, since then they have all moved back to their respective hometowns, but thankfully the music continues, the music makes all the travelling worth it. “Just going to go right out there and say I love the Jonas Brothers” Whether or not Rob means that The Meakins claim to be influenced by a wide variety of bands; All Time Low, top 40 songs, and country songs are inspire the band to make their music. It’s all a “bit of a mish mash, but it comes out as not a mish mash”.

The Meakins say they sound a lot like McFly and Busted, and of course that might put a lot of people off, but to listen to them properly it’s more than obvious that this band are a lot like Blink 182 in their less serious days. But then The Meakins don’t want to be labelled as being pop punk, they are much more interested in being “a boy bandy pop band”. Despite their admission that the sound a lot like a couple of bands that would put some people off The Meakins are without a doubt a fantastic band, and hopefully they’ll follow in the footsteps of those bands, and get the recognition they deserve.  The Meakins are an energetic band that looks as comfortable playing together as a professional group that have been together years. They are a joy to watch and more than one person has said they should support Blink 182 instead of You Me At Six at the 02 this year. I agree.

The band writes songs about the same sort of things as their San Diego sound-alikes; girls, parties, the weekend, werewolves, aliens, and zombies. The song to watch would be “We’re Not Alone”. A song all about Dom encountering aliens that abduct his girlfriend. But then we’ve all had that happen haven’t we?

Being that The Meakins all live so far apart they do of course have a advantage that they have a much wider local gigging range than most bands; so far they have played shows in London, Brighton, Chichester, and Eastbourne, at venues like Via, Concorde 2, Hector’s house, and other places that they don’t remember. On stage The Meakins are something worth seeing; Rob jumps around stage like a mad man causing people to think “Oh my god, he’s a freak”, they are bubbly, bouncy, bright, and alive. They’ve shared the stage with quite an impressive array of bands like Thursdays Bad Luck, Save Your Breath, and would like to point out that they’ve technically shared the stage with Go:Audio. So far The Meakins have released two albums; Hello World, and Standing on Skyscrapers, as well as an EP; Miles Away, all of which are available on itunes. According to Dom a lot of their fans are “below the age of 17 and mostly female”. That wasn’t asked.

I first met The Meakins at a studio in Worthing where they were recording the video of the song We’re Not Alone for their upcoming audition at Britain’s Got Talent. Judging by previous line-ups on that show they shouldn’t have a problem getting somewhere. I wish them all the luck in the world, not that they’ll need it.

The Meakins can be found on Facebook (!/pages/The-Meakins/80858748842) on Myspace ( on youtube ( on Out of Step Filming’s  Youtube page ( and on itunes.

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