Profile: Lions Are Smarter Than I Am


It’s an exceptionally talented band that can hypnotise their audience and send them into a dreamlike trance despite being so loud. But that’s exactly what happened the night I met Bexhill-on-sea band Lions Are Smarter Than I Am. I sat in awe as I perched on the edge of a bed in the bedroom of vocalist Dave. Going into that room I didn’t know what to expect but as I listened, and I mean listened intently, I felt the music penetrate me in a way I hadn’t experienced in a very long time.

Lions Are Smarter Than I Am are a three piece bassless band named after a t-shirt. They were originally called Qunt and will hopefully one day become known for their long songs with sparse vocals. The band are; Dave on drums/synth/vocals, Josh on guitar/synth, and Steve on guitar/piano. They are largely influenced by post-rock and progressive rock, and Dave’s drumming is mainly influenced by ex The Mars Volta drummer Josh Theodore as well as My Bloody Valentine.

As I said before the music of Lions Are Smarter Than I am penetrated my soul as though I was listening to a band with decades of experience behind them, but in fact this band have only been around for about two years. I don’t for the life of me recall how many songs I heard that night, nor do I remember anything about the songs I heard. All I remember is the way I felt; so relaxed was I that i could have drifted into a slumber at any moment(luckily i was on a bed!).

Like many bands I have met in my time Lions just want to be able to live their lives playing music. They want to pass by the monotony of the 9-5 and live off the music they love to make. The well deserved fame and success that will hopefully come their way would just be a bonus.

Lions Are Smarter Than I am played their first gig as a two piece in a small room on a new years eve. It wasn’t until June 2009 that they played their first proper gig as a complete band. Since then they have performed at venues in Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, and Hastings. So far this year Lions have gigs booked at Bar Via on January 18th, The Hydrant on January 20th, The Gildridge on January 21st, and The Tubman on January 28th.

So far Lions have put out just one EP (which can be received for free if you just ask the band via their Facebook fan page). Pop Idle was released in May 2010 and the song to note on it has to be Twenty One, Thirty One. This song took over a year to create and is the perfect testament to the cliché “good things come to those who wait”. Believe me, they do.

Lions Are Smarter Than I Am are a fantastic band with a fantastically memorable name, but if I’m honest I can’t help but be quite confident that I could decimate one at Trivial Pursuit. After all have YOU ever seen one at a MENSA meeting? I haven’t. Let’s face it they’re furry idiots. Of course to end an article on a band like this in such a cavalier fashion is pretty unfair. They deserve much more than that. To listen to them is a pleasure and not since the phenomenon that was Led Zeppelin II have I found myself so lost in music, so lost in my mind.
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