Profile: Goldrush Radio


Goldrush Radio are all things Americana; the “American soundtrack to your English summer”. They are “all about the music, not about the image”. They are a fusion of different styles that complement one another to create the perfect  sound.

It could be said that Goldrush Radio is a like a pick ‘n’ mix of cultural diversity; with members from France and The USA, as well as our local area, they all bring their own backgrounds into the group. The band, Dan on vocals/acoustic guitar, Harry on bass, Joe on lead guitar, Simon on guitar/keyboard, and Tim on drums, take influence from across the musical spectrum with genres like Americana, trip hop, French folk, alternative, and reggae all making a mark on the songs. Goldrush Radio isn’t your average band, their sound is a definite jumble of different styles, to put it simply their songs are charged up Americana to the core with a little bit of ambient stuff sprinkled on top.

Imagine a road trip across middle Americana driving along one of those long country roads we’ve all seen in the movies. Imagine having the top down and the wind in your hair. Imagine that and it’s easy to get an idea of what Goldrush Radio is about; it really isn’t hard to understand the attraction to this band that’s made them fans across the board in places like Nashville, Texas, and France, as well as our local area.

A talented band like this has every right to rave about their music and scream about how they want their to be propelled to superstardom, but they don’t take advantage of that right; their dreams of where they want their music to take them are just as modest as the background that inspires them. To put it simply Goldrush Radio love what they do; they would love to have as many people as possible hear what they have to say but they don’t want to be just another generic top 40 band. But whether they want it or not they damn well deserve all the recognition they get.

Those of you that keep an eye on the local music scene may have seen the guys in Goldrush Radio before; frontman Dan does acoustic music on the side, Harry was in Strange By Design, Joe used to be in Kodabactum and plays with Primal on the side, Simon can be seen playing French folk at Eastbourne’s Cafe Bėlge, and Tim the drummer is in Western Body, Eastern Mind with Harry.

Goldrush Radio has gigged around our local area at places like The Eagle and Bar Blue in Eastbourne, Brighton’s Battle of The Bands, and Pev-Fest. They have played with our well loved bands and artists like Purple Bubble, Pint Sized Heroes, Gypsy Switch, Dinosaur! Attack!, and Jacob Scvlezki. They are currently working on new material but you can see what they’ve done so far on their Facebook page.

Goldrush Radio is a great band making great music. As time goes by and they grow together you can expect them to become even greater still with their sound maturing and each of their gifts subtly blending together. This band will go wherever their music takes them and maybe with time we’ll all be seeing even more of them.

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