Profile: Early Ghost


Once upon a time long ago out west in a galaxy far far away an event that would change the universe as we know it was slowly taking place; Ennio Morricone, master of music for film, was merging with mandolin infused rock to create a love child with a sound that no one had heard before. This music was new, it was exciting, and all that heard it felt their hearts fill with wonder as the notes fell down upon them. Across the land people knew that life would never be the same again, and that they were witnessing a moment which would forever be remembered in an eternity of history. Ok, I’ll admit it, all of that is a bare faced lie, but if something like that were to happen then surely college band Early Ghost would be that love child.

Those in Early Ghost are young, but you wouldn’t know that. They haven’t been around that long, but again you wouldn’t know that. Vocalist and acoustic guitarist Mike O’Malley along with his band- Sam W on bass/sax/backing vocals, Zoe on synth/mandolin/backing vocals, Sam A on keyboards/guitar/mandolin/harmonica/backing vocals, Karl on lead guitar/banjo, and Hugh on the drums, are getting set to make folk music cool! Something that this writer doesn’t often see and personally thinks is a very, very good thing. Early Ghost draw influence from rock and blues bands, as well as from Middle Eastern music, but they try really hard to keep a sound that doesn’t quite feel like anything else.

The band believes that music is all about life and everything that comes with it. They take a lot of their ideas from the films they watch and the dreams they have; all of which comes together to create something that could one day be at home on the silver screen as well.

Now, I’m sure many of you reading this have shared the same experience as me;  seeing a band live or hearing a band’s CD and finding that the sound is completely different. Annoying isn’t it? Thankfully Early Ghost does not have that problem; the band work really hard to keep a raw sound that stays the same as it travels from studio to stage.

The band, who are currently unsigned, are hoping to live their lives as musicians, always playing and working in music, supporting bands across the land.

So far Early Ghost, who only started gigging in June, have had quite an impressive array of gigs; they recently played as support for Beirut at the Winter Garden. As well as that they’ve shared the stage with Easy Company, Alice, Holy Vessels, and Laura Hocking. Since their formation the band have put out two releases; the first was self titled, and the second called “We Crossed The Waves”.

Up until quite recently I hadn’t heard of Early Ghost, something many of you may share with me, but since meeting them I have gained a fondness for their music and hope to see more of them as time goes by.


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