Profile: Dave McPherson


In all my years I’ve lost count of people that have told me music is their life. I’ve met those who say that they can’t live without it, that it’s gotten them through countless highs and lows. I myself can confess to relying on it time after time. But out of all those people I’m sure none can say that they thrive on the life force given to them by music more so than Dave McPherson (frontman of Essex band InMe). Since realising as a child it was he wanted to do he has gone on to produce an impressively large back catalogue, as well as playing over 700 live shows. “Music makes me happy so to do it every day is a dream come true”.
Active since 1996 Dave McPherson has become a name that many of you have heard of. His band InMe saw a slice of fame a few years ago and since then they’ve managed to keep a loyal following, some of which become familiar faces at shows. As well as InMe Dave has numerous other projects including his solo work and drumming for Essex dubstep/metal crossover band Centiment. His main solo project put out its first official release in 2006 with “B.S.W.U.E”. Since then he’s produced 5 other solo EPs in addition to four “Rarities” LPs which consist of InMe demos and discarded solo songs. As well as that he’s also released a live EP and is working on his debut solo album which is scheduled for release in February 2011 with Northern Music.

Dave describes his sound as being “Honest, acoustic & straight from the heart!”. He wants to get his music to reach as many people as possible whilst staying true to himself and to work on that every day is, to him, a dream come true. Dave McPherson’s music is influenced by “Anything & everything really. I live music every day so there is always (something) triggering my OCD brain!”. His music is also influenced by artists like Talk Talk, Pink Floyd, Damien Rice, and Counting Crows.

“A lot of songs have a relationship concept but I don’t like to limit myself so there are songs about lots of silly things too! Songs about bar fights, ships, threatening financial letters & even robins & gardening have occurred!”

Dave is no stranger to the Brighton and Hove area; he’s played shows at the Concorde 2, Engine Rooms, Pav Tav, Ocean rooms, and many more places that he can’t recall the names of. Outside of our area though Dave and InMe have shared the stage with the likes of Deftones, Serj Tankian, Feeder, Biffy Clyro, Pendulum, and many more.

His music sees him and his acoustic guitar merge with an impressive entourage of other instruments that give him a unique sound that oozes honesty and commitment.

December 7th this year will see Dave McPherson and Gazz Marlow (InMe), joined by local talent Ben Wilde, Tonight We Fly, and Hope Rudd, take the stage at Eastbourne’s Bar Via. The event kicks off at 8pm and is courtesy of Rio Bravo Promotions. Dave says the audience can expect to see “Me being me. I’ll hang with the audience, drink some brews, rock it with my guitarist Gazz Marlow & sing my heart out!”.

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