Profile: Our Momentum


Another carbon copy local band? Another sad stumble into been there done that rock? Guess again. On the cover Our Momentum may appear to be just another garage band, another group of teens desperate for a taste of recognition, of the good life, of fame. In reality they’re much more than that.

Being that they’re fresh on the scene you probably haven’t heard of singer/bassist Carrie Higgs and her bandmates- Elliot Hoskins on guitar, Jason Santos on piano/synth, and Kieran Decke on drums- not really surprising since they only formed in early September this year. Since then though, armed with a pound shop mic and a summerhouse come practice room, they’ve really made their mark on those that have heard them; crafting songs that they say sound like Paramore and Evanescence bringing a hammer to the face of My Chemical Romance.

“We are all after one thing; fun, and lots of people to have it with!” At last check the band had over a thousand fans on their Facebook page, and if things go as hoped it won’t be long until that number skyrockets far beyond its current level.

Carrie proudly states that the band is “like a big fruit salad”. She isn’t far wrong either as sound after sound hits the eardrums with every note in the songs they’ve recorded so far.

Proud of their English roots the band want to be known for their patriotism, for people to hear their music and know that they aren’t just another American-style copy, but that they stand for the UK.

The band are working hard and with a couple of gigs under their belt already they are showing evidence of their ability to move further with an invite to play at Newcastle’s 02 Academy 2 (sadly they are unable to attend at present), as well as at Brighton Pulse near Christmas and next year’s battle of the bands.

Looking at their photos or seeing them play you would know that in the end the band are in it for the fun; frontwoman Carrie is a natural performer and once played a gig wearing rollerblades. Hopefully we’ll see more of the same as time goes by. “We are not afraid to experiment” say the band. And with hints of an album due to be released in time for Christmas it looks like they may have a bright future ahead of them.

Our Momentum is all about living in the moment and their songs, all of which are written by Carrie, are about those that make up our lives. If this band continue to grow with each other and find a way of expressing themselves as a whole then this moment, and all those that proceed it, could be all about them.

They can be found on Facebook ( Myspace ( Twitter ( and youtube(


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