Profile: Kalestix


Stumbling onto Kalestix on a midnight tour of Facebook you’d be forgiven if you mistook them for another run-of-the-mill group of MCs.

At first glance they look just like that; three young men with the kind of attitude and apathy that spills onto our radio waves every single day. Listening to them you’ll realise you were wrong; these men aren’t stereotypical types with a knack for stringing word after badly rhyming word together and calling into music. No. The Kalestix boys have something called talent, and sooner of later it’ll be them that smash the charts, not angelic voices frauliens that wouldn’t know the true meaning of Hallelujah if it bashed them over the head with a microphone.

Formed way back when founding members Sam Buckwell and Lewis Powell  were fifteen, Kalestix began as a bit of a laugh; parodying and remixing mainstream music in their bedrooms to get away from a monotony of a life in Shinewater. Ever since then, with some breaks in between, the music has kept flowing with quality work like 2008’s Volume Two. Now, all grown up and with new member Kai Karhunen (formerly of Natalie’s Box), they’re getting set to release new material that this writer believes better than anything that’s come before.

Hardly a band to rely on the ‘ghetto, music or drugs’ angle, Kalestix have taken inspiration from their lives, and with Kai’s ‘Madness on steroids’ style they have created a moody, self-deprecating sound that all of us can relate to.

Kalestix have gigged in and around Eastbourne at venues like Bar Blue and the (former) Funktion Rooms, and are currently looking to play London and Brighton.

People say the country is in crisis, most of us know what it’s like to live without a job, or to be smothered by creeping mortgage debt: music is meant to help us through that, to motivate us, to rise us up. Kalestix does the job just the way they’re meant to. It’s easy to lie down and wait for things to pick up, it’s easy to go with the flow, but it’s even easier to stick on a Kalestix CD and let them pick you back up.

Band member Sam has a view shared by many, ‘The thing about hip hop and rap artists is if you’re bad, you’ll sound bad.’ He must be onto something there because they sound impeccable.

The boys are working hard at the moment – music videos, new albums and solo projects (Sam’s album Schizophrenic is coming out in October/November) are all on the way. Kalestix can be found on Facebook and at

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